Business Ethics; Nice Guys Finish Last

Like millions of their followers, I love garrulous media hosts and have gained valuable knowledge from their experience and insights. I can't help but notice, however, the trend to be more ostentatious and brassy in order to garner a bigger following.

Or, perhaps a more appropriately affirmed headline for the times would be, “Nice people finish last.”

Some of the most popular, albeit, controversial influencers of our time are bullies.  This trend isn’t limited to the political arena, so hold off on dismissing this article as another rant condemning politics or a particular politician.  This isn't about that.  What I’m referring to is the ‘State of our Ethics,’ not our election activity.  In fact, years before our Presidential field became so hot-tempered, anger in our Nation has been festering; in business, social media and the news media:

  • Business: If you’re not yelling you won’t be heard
  • Social Media: Cyberbullies get ‘Likes’
  • News Media: Anger gets attention

Business: If you’re not yelling you won’t be heard

In order to grow, businesses need to create, implement, monitor and fine-tune an effective social media strategy.  I get it… So why do so many of the most successful social media coaches and trainers have to yell, scream and belittle us to purchase their books, workshops, seminars, t-shirts and rubber wrist bands?

Again, their business model is indisputable. Indeed, their tremendous financial success is directly coupled to the implementation of their effective principles.  My question is why do they consistently have to show us selfies by the corporate jet that they’re leasing or assume that we’ll find amusement listening to them demean their staff during one of their ‘motivational’ podcasts?

Like millions of their followers, I love these garrulous hosts and have gained valuable knowledge from their experience and insights. I can’t help but notice, however, the trend to be more ostentatious and brassy in order to garner a bigger following.

Perhaps acquiring the first 600,000 to 800,000 likes on Facebook is easier than maintaining enduring growth without being condescending to those who helped get you there?

Social Media: Cyberbullies get ‘Likes’

I asked my brother why he recently changed his Twitter profile photo to an ominous looking Google image of someone who appears as if he had doubled up on his protein shakes and steroid injections.  He told me that lately he couldn’t comment on feeds without being attacked.

Perhaps it was ‘too soon,’ however, he explained that he was trying to compose a tribute when he posted “Now I know what it feels like when doves cry” the day Prince died.  He was ripped to shreds.  “I love Prince,” he said. “People love to be passive aggressive and try to destroy others behind the ‘cloud’ of social media,”he said.

Consequently, we award cyberhate with ‘Likes,” hearts and LOLs.

Interestingly, his new avatar has indeed toned down the severity of his replies!

My prediction is that the next social media platform will feature images on a checkerboard-type of stage for participants, not unlike “The Brady Bunch,” or “Hollywood Squares.”  Not in order to convey the compassion via facial expressions of the participants… On the contrary; so that you can see the actual finger (index or otherwise) that is being waved at you!

News Media: Anger gets attention

My statement refers to both the hosts of hate radio, television and Internet programming… Not merely the fact that insults make headlines.

The World is going to Hell in a handbasket… But you wouldn’t know this unless you listen to the news media!  Set your DVR in case you missed it.

Recently, CNN is re-aired their interview of the Ku Klux Klan; “Off to see the wizards.”  The episode is narrated by one of CNN’s top reporters, who is also black.  The episode drew more than 900,000 viewers to the network. Hate sells.  I don’t discount the fact that CNN is spotlighting a provocative and newsworthy subject.  I also commend their intrepid reporter.  My point is that nothing alters the course of a slow news day like a heaping ‘scoop’ of anger, hate and division.

But don't throw out your affable approach to business just yet!  If nice people indeed finish last, be solaced by a familiar passage “So the last shall be first, and the first last...”

Now it's your turn.  Why didn't I mention anyone by name in this article?

I look forward to your replies, despite my demure avatar!

Flo Lopez is the Director of Marketing for the Street Auto Group; Toyota & Volkswagen, in Amarillo, Texas.  Flo is the video & audio technical magic behind a weekly video podcast, Motormouth, which promotes the one of the largest and most successful dealership groups in the West Texas Panhandle region. Flo has over a decade in the automobile industry and is a prolific cinematographer.  Flo was awarded Best Comedy film in grade school for his 8mm entry in Arizona State University's Annual Short Film and Video Festival and he hasn't put down the camera yet! Flo has served as Internet and BDC Manager for top Toyota dealerships in the Gulf States Region. Flo is continually studying the day-to-day challenges facing dealers on how to attract more customers and develop improved social media engagement. Flo is a pioneer in engaging his customer base through creative and cutting-edge social media campaigns.

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